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Smells Like Middle-Aged Spirit Podcast Presents: An Interview with Kisha Lott Wells aka "PoetLadiKi"

Spit Talkin' with PoetLadiKi was definitely one of the highlights of season 3 for us! Kisha, who first appeared on Episode #13, was someone that we knew we wanted to be a part of this show in any way possible and we were very blessed to have her share her gift with us in this monthly segment. So we have decided to publish each poem individually for you to enjoy again! Thank you so much to the woman who we have come to refer to as "The Force To Be Reckoned With!

Here is the interview Kisha did with Nick before the season started, catching up on things and introducing the new segment! For live performances, contact PoetLadiKi at [email protected]

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